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who we are

who we are gurps

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The Day of the Competition

Finally its the day of the competition! I arrive at school extra early and i see all my fellow classmates dressed to impress and ready to just get over with project. I took my time going over what i was going to say because i didn’t want to mess up and kill it for my group. Now its around nine o’clock and were all ready to leave and head to DVC for our big presentation. When we where there they had food for us so we didn’t starve and drinks. My group was waiting for everyone before us to go, and now its our turn to be up on deck and get ready to get up in front of the judges. I forgot what i was going to say! I totally forgot some of my lines but it was okay but i think it might have costed us from being in one of the top six places. Other than that i’m so glad this is over and we don’t have to worry about this thing anymore!

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My country Plan

Before we even started this project i heard it was going to really hard from all of the juniors and seniors. The first day Randy explained what we were going to do, i didn’t have any clue what he was talking about. Than the next day and than the next day it got more stressful and complicated and i still didn’t have any idea about what was going on. I finally figured out that this was really important and i got straight to work. My group was a little behind but we eventually caught up with all of the other groups and we got everything done the day before the competition.

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College Visit Reflective Essay

Our college visit to UC Berkeley was very interesting and I enjoyed learning about what it has to offer me. When we got to Berkeley, I expected a totally different outlook on it in many ways, from the students to the architecture. There were many things that surprised me that I didn’t know about. Some other things that impressed me were like the classes they had to offer and the way the faculties are run from housing, campus life and more.

The first thing that caught my eyes when we reached Berkeley was the size of the campus. I didn’t expect it to take up so much space, and by the way it is in the middle of residential and business areas with companies and homes. Another thing that was interesting that I didn’t know was how different age groups attend Berkeley. I thought there would be students straight out of high school, but there were others there to get their degrees in their professions.

Another thing that impressed me about the visit to Berkeley was what was required to get an admission. Students applying have to have high SAT scores and take certain exams to even be considered. Some things that I knew about my visit were about the campus life, the housing, and how students live. Most of them live in dorms, but some have fraternities and sororities.

Our college trip to Berkeley was a good experience and I learned a lot of things about college life and what it takes to be successful. It is a very different environment than our high school. My expectations on the trip were very high because Berkeley is a well respected school. I had a great time learning new things and the important ones like what’s required and what’s available if we need help with any regards. These were my expectations and surprises on this visit.

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My HOOF video

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My first semester in the DSA

The first thing we did in DSA was to learn photoshop. It was easy peezy lemon squeezy and fun at the same time. Everything we did using photoshop was interesting and again fun. I suck at taking photos and anything that has to do with taking photos so that part of DSA was challenging for me and not fun jk. Finally it came to the HOOF project. It took us a long time to finish and everyone was stressing because it was either boring or they were not even close to finishing.

At the end everyone finished and we showed off our projects to our family and friends. Now we are all working on this thing called bryce. I don’t get it all the way yet but i’m getting there. Thats pretty much what I learned in the first semester, and i can t wait to learn some more muahaha.

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flickr set

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“I Am” Poem


First I made the part with the background of the pigeons and then, I made the thought bubble. Then I put in the texts, then last I changed the colors of the bubble and text with the saturation thing. Last I made everything black and white because… Then I colored in the pigeon so it was more distinct and out more then the ones in the background. Fasho

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Garage Band Music

Walking Music

Mrs. Paul has a gun

I Love Her aka Baby Making

School Sucks

Mommy, please but my macaroni art on the fridge

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